Poetry is not just from cats . . . but for cats!

I saw this blog posting the other day from Con Chapman of Boston, and thought that it might inspire others of you out there to spend some time writing for your cat . . . instead of the other way around:

Call me crazy, but I like to write poetry.  For cats.

Cats are a good training ground for poets.  They are largely indifferent to poetry, like the overwhelming majority of people, but that still makes them a more receptive audience than my wife, who is openly hostile to the stuff.

Writing poetry for cats is low-level mental stimulation, like doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku, but you make up the problem to be solved, rather than some faceless drone at a newspaper syndicate, so when you’re done you’ve created something.  Albeit on a par with a gimp necklace at summer camp.

It takes very little activity, or inactivity, on the part of my cats to serve as my muse.  Here’s a cat poem I thought of just last night:

I take my laser pen in hand
  and shine it in a circle.
My little cat goes chasing ’round,
  it drives him quite berserkle!

Then I take what I’ve written, crumple the paper up into a ball, and throw it across the room.  My cat pounces on it, extending our fun, and conserving precious resources through recycling.  I’m trying to reduce our humor footprint.


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