SLBK decries how cats are being used as mules

Here’s a disturbing trend: Cats are being used as mules to smuggle goods into prison, according to NPR. This is no way to treat a cat.

Cat mule

Brazil’s General Superintendency of Prisons of Alagoas (SGAP) released this photo last Dec. 31 of a cat caught with contraband taped to its body at a medium-security prison in Alagoas state.

These Cats Are Mules: Kitties Smuggle Goods Into Prisons


“Cat Caught Smuggling Contraband Into Brazilian Prison.” Gothamist


“Cat Caught Smuggling Cell Phones Into Prison” (in Russia). The Moscow Times

Last week:

“Cannabis Cat On Drugs Run Collared At Moldova Jail.” BBC News

So, we’ve got reports of:

— “Saws, drills, headset, memory card, cell phone, batteries and a phone charger” being” strapped to a cat in Brazil.

— “Two cell phones with batteries and chargers” being taped to a cat’s back in Russia.

— And now, “bags of cannabis” concealed inside the “oversize decorative collar” worn by a cat in Moldova.

In each case, the felines were nabbed as they either climbed over or through fences. In Moldova, the cat had been “seen repeatedly entering and exiting a small hole in a prison fence,”according to Gawker.

According to the reports, the cats aren’t talking.


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