Poem # 8



After a nap Sweet Little Black Kitty jumped up on the table and batted this out. It was like Coleridge coming out of his opiated stupor to jot down his vision of Xanadu. But what is the nature of her dream? I think the brackets enclose states of reverie she is comparing. The double equal signifies not just equality, but unity: the two things flanking the equal sign are not simply equal; they are the same. Our dreams are our reality, and vice versa.

And yet there is a self-conscious note here, an understanding that by suggesting an equality of experience, she is removing herself from either state, and consigning herself to one that dooms those under the influence of its gravity to observe and theorize rather than experience. Those states need not be necessarily the conscious and unconscious, but could be, for example, a meeting of geography and mathematics. It is a powerful lesson in accepting ourselves, in reconciling the public image we hope to project with the reality of what we know to be true.

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