Luxury Cat Hotel

Kennels and catteries are so last year – instead, it’s palaces with spa facilities, and high-end hotels with outdoor balconies where owners are keeping their pampered pets.Luxury accommodation for cats and dogs is the latest trend for holidaymakers who don’t want to feel as though their fluffy friends are missing out while they are away.

And, at up to £60 a night, it’s only for owners with deep pockets.

Feline fine: A pampered pooch in the Kingfisher suite's four-poster bed at the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel

A la carte cat food served on fine bone china at The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel

A la carte cat food served on fine china at Ings

London-themed room at Balneath Wood Boutique

The five-star venues offer a range of facilities – from gourmet meals, and pampering services, to four-poster beds, candlelit meals, and 42-inch TVs displaying fish swimming and birds chirping.

The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, in Yorkshire, has been overwhelmed with enquiries and is now booked up until 2015.

From The Daily Mail


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