Walk like a video cat

Samantha Grossman at time.com tells us about a new video game where humans pretend to be cats. The game seems rather simplistic, but then what do you expect from humans? If you want enlightened cat culture read Sweet Little Black Kitty Collected Poems. If you want to knock things down like a cathole read on.
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Obviously being a cat would be the best thing ever: your life would revolve around napping, rubbing up against people because you think they’re giant cats, and jumping up on shelves and knocking things over. Some beautiful genius has taken that last part of the equation and turned it into a video game that you can play online.

The first-person cat simulator is called Catlateral Damage (duh) and seriously, the player’s only objective is to knock over as many items as possible in two minutes. For now, the game — developed by QA tester Chris Chung — is limited to the owner’s bedroom. It’s currently in its alpha stage, and the full version will include more levels and more objects to send tumbling to the floor. The player’s sole weapon, however, will still be a paw.

Chung hasn’t yet announced the official release date, but you can play the alpha version in your browser, bringing you one step closer to finally figuring out how it feels to be a cat. And we can say this: the knocking stuff over part definitely feels good.


Collected Poems . . . now on Kindle too!

The Collected Poems by Sweet Little Black Kitty are finally available in Kindle format. That’s right. Now, you can read her pithy verse on your smartphone, or on your PC, or through the cloud, or even — if you have one — on the Kindle.

SLBK Collected Poems, Vol 1

SLBK Collected Poems, Vol 1

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And remember, 10% of all profits are going to cat shelters and cat rescue charities. You can laugh and feel good at the same time.