Would you pay $30,000 for a custom made cat?

According to the article below from Examiner.com that’s exactly what some people are doing, paying $30 grand for house cats that look like wild cats. Seriously how cray-cray is this? If you had an extra $30,000 burning a hole in your tailored leather pants would you pay for a custom designed cat? Let us know what you think of this hot new fad.

Exotic breeds illegal

The cats might look like leopard cats, however they are house cats; and apparently they are becoming a new popular trend. Animal behaviorist Dr. Stephen Zawistowski says:

What people are trying to do is replicate a wild cat look in a smaller cat, through several generations of back-crossing through the domestic cat, you can sort of dilute the wildness out of that line of cats, but try and keep that physical appearance.

These cats are going for as much as $30,000; Phyllis Reichelt breeds hybrid cats and says:

Consumer demand is high; it is very surprising how many people want them

Dr. Zawistowski told Dana Tyler at CBS:

There are people who are — at 2 o’clock in the morning on the Upper West Side — they’re walking one of these cats on a harness

Reichelt the breeder says:

Hybrids are more wild than your average house cat; you have to know what you’re getting into and be prepared for it.”

Cat behaviorist Marilyn Krieger says:

A lot of people unfortunately get them for the wrong reasons; some of the exotic cats may end up at wildlife sanctuaries, many who are abandoned wind up being euthanized.

Zawistowski said:

People want to have them because they’re different, because they’re different and they’re not legal, it’s not as if you can really show them off.”


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